Testimonials from teachers and advisors using Bonjour Milo! resources:

“A gem of a resource”

Following an inspiring workshop on Milo by Jennie Wilson at the ILILC Conference, I decided as the Primary MFL coordinator for Southend-on-Sea to trial the resource with a Year 2 class and a Year 3 class, in 4 x 30 to 45 min sessions. I would then be in a position to recommend the resource to colleagues. I was amazed at the quick progress children were making, using the pictures, the actions and, for some, the printed lyrics and words. At the third session some children were confident enough to use the story sliders in groups, and Milo became a favourite friend to all. Everytime I walked into their class it was sheer excitement. I used flashcards to play ‘repeat if true’, kim’s game and children used the scenes flashcards to do sequencing games. We managed to tell the story in a speaking voice by session 4, at a normal speech speed, rather than singing it. Teachers were amazed. In the Year 3 class, there were two children from the Speech and Language Unit who stayed all through the sessions. They repeated beautifully, gained in confidence and took an active part in the acting-out of the story with the puppets. A child in the Year 2 class with visual impairment and on the auttistic spectrum could recite the story by heart in perfect French, in synch with the text, showing true understanding. The sports/Olympics theme fitted very well in both schools’ curriculum for the term. The material on the CD is teacher friendly, the suggestions for activities good, and it leaves scope for the teacher to input their own games and activities. The children adore the characters!

Nicole – Head of Lanaguges Southend School


“A fantastic resource! “

“I have been using Milo’s Rainforest Quest with Year 3 and 4 and though it has been designed for younger children, both 3s and 4s love it. Brilliantly catchy songs, lots of vocab, useful phrases and great likeable characters. After just a few weeks we are ready to perform the story and the children’s pronunciation is perfect. They even know the story word perfectly without the backing music! I can’t recommend this resource highly enough and can’t wait to try more of Milo’s adventures!”
Faye Isaac, MFL Coordinator, Stowford Primary School
“Milo: A fabulous resource for young learners!”
“An ideal package for teachers wishing to introduce French in a creative way to young children. The stories are appealing combining great visuals, actions and catchy music so that children (and their teachers!) memorise the language with ease. Carefully chosen vocabulary and language structures mean that children are absorbing language in a fun way that can then be transferred to other contexts. I would recommend this resource to any teacher, whether specialist or non specialist, as all the support is there for you and the children’s enjoyment and progress is infectious! Looking forward to the next Milo story!”
Jenny Core, Primary Languages Consultant, Devon Learning and Development Partnership.
“Absolutely Brilliant!”

“This resource is a godsend to busy teachers! With stunning art work and animation teamed with catchy songs Milo’s adventures introduce simple French in a really creative way. Children love the interaction, picking up language quickly and reusing it in the classroom. Do take a look at the developers’ website and blog-some amazing ideas for classroom activities, and free songs!”
Alison Machin, Languages Consultant.
“A creative burst of fun on the MFL scene!”
“Sparkle Speak’s quirky, humorous, energetic musical stories are excellent. The music is very catchy, the kinesthetic moves that go with the lyrics are great fun and as a result the children memorise the lyrics very quickly. Watch out for this new company!”
Mark Purves, owner of Souffler UK
“Très vivant… intelligent et récréatif.”
“Votre CD Rom avec Milo (Rainforest) est formidable. Les enfants de l’école française l’ont beaucoup apprécié.
Ils connaissent bien la chanson.”
Monique Pellois, Directrice de l’Ecole Française de Bristol
“Fantastic Resource”
“The discs are a fantastic resource for developing confidence in speaking and singing French . They are easy to use, supplying
everything you need to teach the stories really capture the children’s imagination.”
Karen Batten, Head of Teaching and Learning, Cornwood Primary School

“My pupils are Milo fans “
My pupils are Milo fans and have really enjoyed this resource. I am really pleased with the progress they have made. The musical version of the story has meant they easily remember the words they need to confidently talk about sports they like doing. I used it with pupils from Year 1 to Year 4 and all the pupils progressed brilliantly as a direct result of learning the story and using the language maker grids. Even the Year 5/6 children in school knew the song off-by-heart by the end of the term due to hearing it assembly and the fact that the song is so catchy children sing it around school and in the playground. It is easy to use this resource and the results and achievements from this method are impressive. I find using Milo resources in KS1 support the progress of pupils in KS2. I hope the publisher brings out more stories soon as Milo is a huge success in my school. We have integrated Under-the-Sea Adventure and Rainforest Quest into our French rolling programme and would love more stories.

Janette- Primary Teacher, Teignmouth