We have found that our pupils like to learn the names of other Under-the-Sea animals. So here you go… a PowerPoint with some additional animals for your Under-the-Sea topic. Visit the Sparkle Speak You Tube channel for word files: https://www.youtube.com/user/sparklespeak Under the sea adventure extra creatures  

Under-the-Sea animals in French

Here is a free PowerPoint with pictures of all the characters from Bonjour Milo! Under-the-Sea Adventure. Click on each character to hear a fun jingle introducing the character. This resource compliments the CDrom resource. If you like this resource look out for our Rainforest Quest character jingles. Under the sea adventure[…]

Character jingles for Bonjour Milo! Under-the-Sea Adventure

Before starting a new term of teaching I wanted my Y5 class to reflect on the importance of learning another language.  I asked them to write some speech bubbles to inspire the younger classes I work with to learn a new language. I asked them why they thought people should learn another[…]

Why learn another language?

This is a great idea for European Languages Day or to add a multilingual flavour to this year’s sports day. Attached below are teaching n0tes, a supporting PowerPoint, MP3s of a song in Spanish, French, Hindi and Chinese plus authentic sound files of the language needed to start a race[…]

Organise a multilingual race- free MP3 Downloads and teaching notes