Tidy up and learn some French


I have always used a song to encourage my pupils to get tidying. I’m sure lots of you do too. I find the challenge of being on the carpet or at tables, ready, before the end of the song encourages speed and focus.
I use my French tidy-up song at different times during the year but I usually save its introduction to a time when I want my pupils to learn some classroom vocabulary.
Below I have posted a free, flexible PowerPoint which accompanies our French Tidy-up song. A short version of this song is available free to all newsletter subscribers. The longer version is available as part of the A l’école album or as a single download.

If you are a current subscriber to our newsletter please email me if you would like a free copy of the Tidy-up song (short version). The accompanying PowerPoint is available to download from the new Sparkle Speak website.
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Included in the PowerPoint are photos and soundfiles that support the song and teaching about classroom items. There are language-maker slides supporting pupils to talk about what is in their school bag.
Video Book Fun!
I recently made some entertaining video books with a Year 3/4 class. They worked in collaborative groups of 3. One pupil held up their school bag and took out usual items such as rulers, pencils and pens.
Each time they had to say:
‘Dans le cartable, il y a…’ (In the school bag there is…’  )
A second pupil responded with a bored look on their face, shrugging shoulders, nodding in an unimpressed way.
At the end pupils were allowed to choose the craziest item someone might have in their bag. They had to use a dictionary to find out how to say it and as a challenge add some adjectives.
The second pupil was allowed to respond with huge surprise or disbelief.  The third pupil videoed the performance and we watched the videos as a class. As you can imagine the results were amusing.
A side benefit of this mini project was reinforcing the strength of non-verbal communication. We talked a lot about using our facial expressions and body language to express ourselves, even when we don’t have the words to do so. The Year 4 Catherine Cheater scheme of work has some lovely French expressions children could learn to express their amazement.

The language and soundfiles for this activity are on the PowerPoint below.
Rangeons la salle de classe

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