Colours of the Rainbow


Learning some basic colours in French is extremely useful. rainbowLearn the colours of the rainbow with this fun IWB resource. This free IWB resource can be used independently or in conjunction with the Bonjour Milo! warm-up song available on any of the Bonjour Milo! musical story discs. Please note if you click on any of the French words you will automatically hear the words spoken by Cyrille Divry, native French speaker, actor and the voice behind our Bonjour Milo! stories.

The IWB includes some simple sentences about how rainbows are formed.
Qu’est-ce qu’un arc-en-ciel? What is a rainbow?
La lumière est composée de sept couleurs. Light is made up of seven colours.
Rouge, orange, jaune, vert, bleu, indigo et violet. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
Quand les rayons du soleil traversent les gouttes de pluie on voit toutes les couleurs de la lumière. When the sun light crosses the rain drops we can see the colours which make up light.
C’est un arc-en-ciel. This is a rainbow.

Next, there are some instructions for an easy activity painting or colouring a rainbow. I always ask my pupils to make a rainbow and then to label the colours. Depending on their age I give then coloured colour words, black ink colour words or I ask them to write the colour labels themselves. I have attached a word document with the colour names for the children to cut out and stick on. I then ask them to recite the colours pointing to each corresponding colour on their rainbow.

Thirdly, there are simple instructions on how to create your own mini rainbow. It needs to be a very sunny day for this activity to work.

Fabriquez un arc-en-ciel de poche. Make a mini rainbow. (or literally pocket rainbow.)
Il vous faut: You need:

un verre a glass
du papier blanc white paper
du carton card
des ciseaux scissors

1. Remplissez le verre avec de l’eau. Fill a glass with water.
2. Placez le verre sur le papier blanc dans un endroit ensoleillé. Put the glass on the white paper in a sunny spot.
3. Découpez une longue fente dans le carton. Cut a slit in the cardboard. See the photo.
4. Placez le carton entre le soleil et le verre. Plkace the cardboard between the sun and the glass, so the sunlight shines through the slit in the card.
5. Bougez le carton. Vous verrez sur le papier un petit arc-en-ciel. Move the cardboard until you see a little rainbow appear on the white paper.

Finally, there is a very simple story describing the legend of the rainbow treasure.
La légende de l’arc-en-ciel. The legend of the rainbow.
La légende raconte qu’il y a un chaudron rempli d’or au pied de
l’arc-en-ciel…mais quand on arrive à un pied de l’arc-en-ciel on est déçu: le chaudron est toujours à l’autre pied!
The legend tells that there is a cauldron filled with gold at the foot of the rainbow… but on arriving at the foot of the rainbow we are always disappointed to find it is at the other side! (other foot).

Have fun with this rainbow resource and remember to let us know how your pupils enjoyed it.

Download Rainbow IWB file here.

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