A L’Ecole – French songs for the classroom


Sing your way through the school day ‘en français’ with this lovely album of easy French songs.  Aimed at primary school children, À L’École will help you integrate French into the daily class routine with songs for the start and end of the day, for tidying up, lining up and lunchtime among others.

The tracks, which also include the French versions of Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells, are available as mp3 files for just 99p each, including a karaoke version and translated lyrics. You can also download all nine songs for just £7.99. Visit the Sparkle Speak online shop at www.sparklespeak.co.uk. The tracks are also available as a CD for £9.99


Bonjour mes Amis (Hello my friends)
Au Revoir mes Copains (Bye, see you tomorrow song)
C’est Midi (Lunchtime song)
Venez Tous (Come on everybody)
Mettez-vous en Rang (Lining up song)
Rangeons la Salle de Classe (tidy up song)
Bon Weekend (Weekend Rap)
Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy birthday)
Vive le Vent (Jingle Bells)

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